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X10 Test Equipment:

Before starting your X10 project it is recommended that you first test all wiring circuits for signal strength and noise levels. The X10 Test Set is a vital piece of equipment to assist the installer in determining the design and setup of any X10 system for reliability.

XPTT Sends out a continuous X10 command signal transmission from the location where it is plugged in.

XPTR Measures and indicates the remaining strength of X10 command signals throughout the home.

Why Test First?

By testing the electrical circuits before you start the installation you will gain knowledge of any area of the home where the X10 modules may not be reliable due to signal strength or excessive noise levels. Armed with this information the necessary corrective action can be taken by using either a Coupling Repeater or plug-in Noise Filter.

Remember that the minimum signal strength required for powerline carrier operation is 100mv or .10 volt.

FREE Test Equipment

The XPTT and XPTR Test Set retails for $250.00. However, by purchasing $750.00 of X10 PRO product from Davis Wholesale, X10 PRO will send you the Test Set for FREE.

Restrictions: Must buy $750.00 worth of X10 PRO product at one time.
Only one Test Set per customer.

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