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X10 Pro In A Box

X10 PRO offers three new product kits: PAL1, PAL2 and PAL3. Professional Automated Living Kits for either the new home building or renovation contractor at an extremely cost effective price. These three new kits are inspired by the residential construction industry. Each kit contains an ample selection of devices providing lifestyle enhancements for every installation. Builders and/or homeowners simply select the kit suiting their home and lifestyle. A licensed contractor would then install the kit.

Professional Automated Living Kit #1

PAL1 will automate seven lights in and around the home with a couple of wireless remote controls and a programmable automatic timer to control four lights in a random pattern providing the at-home look. A two-button keyfob is included for outdoor lighting and a phase coupler for enhanced communication to the devices.

Professional Automated Living Kit #2

PAL2 builds upon PAL1 by adding a Universal Learning Remote Control and an outdoor Floodlight Motion Detector. This smart motion detector not only activates its own lamps but also is capable of actuating up to four other lights in and around the home. In addition it is able to activate other lights to turn on when dusk occurs with a built in sunset/sunrise sensor. The Universal Remote Control will operate a TV, VCR, DVD, DSS Satellite Receiver, CD Player and other A/V equipment plus the lighting in the home as well! A snap to set up too.

Professional Automated Living Kit #3

PAL3 further builds on PAL2 by adding in a Digital Thermostat for central HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and a RF remote control for the thermostat. This unique thermostat provides the simplicity of control from its attractive wall display unit plus the ability to control the HVAC from anywhere in the home. No need to leave your chair to set the temperature, just press a button for the desired temperature on the supplied handheld remote. This thermostat can also be integrated with common security systems enabling automatic temperature setback when arming the system and setback off upon disarming.




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